​By Taylor Williams, Reporter

OSSIAN, Ind. (WANE) — The superintendent of Northern Wells Community Schools has announced he’s retiring.

“After a lot of thought and prayer with my family, my wife has Huntington’s disease, and at some time I will probably need to be her full-time caregiver,” Superintendent Dr. Scott Mills said. “I look forward to that.”

Tuesday night, Dr. Scott Mills read his letter of resignation to the school board and staff received an email early Wednesday morning. Mills has been an educator for more than 33 years. In January 2008 Mills was hired as the school systems superintendent.

In his thirteen years, Mills says the greatest accomplishment was helping to fix the school’s budget and renovate Norwell High School which helped pave the way for better education and more opportunities for students.

“I want to make sure I have a chance to say thank you to everybody that has been apart of this school corporation and allowed us to grow and provide the programs that we have for our kids,” Mills said. “I really want to thanks the tax district for supporting our school system and making sure our facility is the finest.”

While he finishes his terms, Mills says he wants to continue fighting for teacher pay and educators. He also hopes to encourage others to become professors.

“There has been a period of time that it has been difficult for me, even as a superintendent to encourage people to go into education because of the lack of respect educators have received,” Mills said. “I feel confident that that time is going to fade away and the teaching profession is going to be uplifted where it should be. I would encourage anybody who has any heart for kids and helping them to learn and grow to really consider being an educator because there is no more filling occupation in my books.”

The school board plans on hiring Mills replacement by July, so Mills can help with the tradition with the new superintendent.

Mills’ last day will be December 31st, 2020.